Ideal for dementia, nursing, bed rest

and palliative care

Sweet and Low

Therapeutic singing CD


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Ideal for people who have dementia care,

elderly nursing care, taking bed rest

or receiving palliative care

Sweet and Low

Therapeutic singing CD


    Proven distraction from:








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"I have used your CD with my residents so many times...their reactions moved me to tears on my first session"  A.B, Stockport

What is Sweet and Low?

Sweet and Low is a unique, vocals only, therapeutic CD, ideal for use in dementia and nursing care, particularly for one-to-one care and bedrooms.


The only sound is the human voice singing in a contralto range which is deep, peaceful and soothing.  


All the "jangle" and "high frequency" instruments of standard CDs have been removed, and Sandra's distinctive and smooth, solo contralto voice provides a calming and tranquil experience.


It has been designed especially for people aged 75 and over, who are weary and ill, and are not able to benefit from standard music.  It allows them to access the health and emotional benefits of engaging with songs from their era, by paring down all the elements of standard music, leaving only the pure vocal.

The sound quality has been deliberately designed to sound as if a family member, or carer is sitting right next to the person, singing to them one-to-one.


The science bit - 

Especially prevalent in those living with dementia, many people's ability to distinguish a well loved song among mixed or unexpected sounds, (such as drums and backing music) becomes more difficult in older age. This means the actual song becomes lost in an often distressing onslaught of noise. 

That's why Sweet and Low was made.

The CD was trialled in 30 care homes across the UK, in pre-production, to great acclaim - please see reviews section for more fantastic feedback.

What type of songs are on the cd?

These are the songs that people over the age of 75 would have been singing in their childhoods, teens and early twenties - the songs are SO ingrained into their early years, they can access them much easier than later songs. These older people will definitely know these songs, but more importantly, they will have strong happy feelings associated with them.

The CD is 32 minutes long.

Track Listing

Sweet and Low "Forget me nots" -  Therapeutic Singing CD 


By Sandra Currie, Contralto and specialist dementia-trained entertainer


Just the sound of the female contralto singing voice - calm, soothing, sweet and low pitched.


1) Hello from me!

2) Amazing Grace

3) Daisy Daisy

4) Oh my darling Clementine

5) Pack up your troubles

6) Long way to Tipperary

7) Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

8) My bonnie lies over the ocean

9) The big ship sails on the ally-ally-oh

10) Drunken sailor

11) Bobby Shafto

12) There’s a tavern in the town

13) I’ll be your sweetheart

14) Put your arms around me honey

15) Lily of Laguna

16) My old man

17) Molly Malone

18) Irish lullaby

19) Waltzing Matilda

20) Won’t you come home Bill Bailey

21) You made me love you

22) Let me call you sweetheart

23) Goodbye from me!


Running time: 31 minutes

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