A bit about me...

I'm Sandra Currie, I've been a care home singer and entertainer for 17 years, and I love my job!

I especially love working in dementia units, because the difference you can make is huge, particularly with the interactive style of my shows.


Whether it's someone singing and dancing with me, shaking the tambourine I've given them, or someone more poorly,  seemingly asleep but moving their lips to the words, a flutter of recognition for a long ago but dearly held song... the heart feeling it gives me is immense - why would I ever want to do anything else? 

As an entertainer, I cover homes, day centres and hospitals within 25 miles of Widnes in Cheshire -  if you'd like to learn more, please click on the link below - thank you!

email: sweetandlowcd@yahoo.com  phone: 07 891 309 536

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