I bought your cd quite a while ago and put it in my drawer where I must say had not used it. Last Friday I had a lightbulb moment - it did a tour of all the units from nursing & end of life to both our dementia units AMAZING results can’t get enough of it.
The girls in the team all want a copy to use. Brilliant

Kay Thompson, Activities Team

I have some residents with severe dementia who hate loud music, so I tried this cd. Not only did I get one 'singing' but 2 others moved their hands in time! No one screamed or got agitated which was a first.
Other residents heard the music so I have played it with them too which was a great success. Some songs were sung by them in several keys but hey ho, they were having fun!
I think this cd will be number one on our play list for a long time!

Alison Green, Care Home Activities Co-ordinator

Cannot praise this brilliant cd enough. I play it most afternoons in our parlour and it's such a joy to listen to our residents sing along and watch others tap their feet to the beautiful voice Sandra has. I personally think the secret is there is only one voice no background instruments, no distractions, and suits our ladies and gents with dementia or hearing difficulties.

Mary Darker, Care Home Activities Co-ordinator

This cd is really beautiful. I play it to my dad lots and it is so calming and peaceful. He really does listen. I love the smooth tones and the songs are just perfect. Wish I had this when my mum was with us as it certainly does the trick. Highly recommended. Thank you so much Sandra. You really are a talented and lovely lady. X

Jacqui Bickerton, care home visitor

Such a calm way to hold a singalong and exactly what is needed particularly for people with memory loss or other stressful illnesses. Thank you Sandra! Beautiful voice and the songs just keep on coming! No music which is so refreshing and simple. I will be using this CD regularly - especially combined with a relaxation therapy afternoon!

Jane Moore, Coordinator at Purple Angel Dementia Awareness

Sandra, our CD arrived this morning and I put it on after bingo. Everyone, and I mean everyone joined in with the singing, including all the staff as they came through the lounge and a lady with late stage dementia who instantly mellowed out and joined in. She's never joined in with the singing before and is usually quite unsettled so this was quite a pivotal moment for us - thank you

Nicola Burns, Care Home Activity Co-ordinator

This CD is unique. It is just Sandra's voice, which is calm and soothing. I have not seen anything else like this on the market. I would highly recommend it as a very effective tool in the Activity coordinators box. I play it to individuals rather than as a group activity

Jan Millward, poet and activity co-ordinator

This cd is amazing. Absolutely fabulous for carers to play to patients and loved ones with dementia or simply those with auditory processing issues. A truly inspired idea!

Sharron Black, care home visitor

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