Who exactly is

Sweet and Low for?

Well, lots of people, as it happens...

The songs are most suitable for people living with dementia, mid- end stage, over the age of 75. The songs are also ideal for those in nursing units, on bed rest and on palliative care.


Whether in their own home or a care home, whatever time of day or night, the CD provides a welcome distraction from anxiety, agitation, confusion, pain and loneliness.


This is especially useful for someone whose dementia or illness is so advanced that they struggle to engage with conversation, tv or any other forms of audio media.

It is ideal for:

De-escalation during potentially stressful situations, such as personal care, transport, or when a person is awaiting intervention.


The person who is isolated because they have little or no communication abilities.


The person who you wish you could spend more time with, but you can’t because of limits on your time.


Times when you are upset and you don’t want your upset to be heard.


The person who has few visitors.


It’s for older people on end of life care. Hearing is thought to be the last sense to go in the dying process.  We hear when we are sleeping, and even when we are otherwise non-responsive.


It’s for you – as background during  activities – hand massage, helping with eating, hair brushing etc, and also when you are spending time with the person but don’t know what to say – just sing a long to the bits you know – it’s one sure way of communicating.

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